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Wednesday, July 1

KB967715 BUG - I Repeatedly Get The Same Update

Microsoft Windows XP Automatic Update might someitmes stall at the KB967715 update screen repeteadly. This is a known bug, and there are a couple of work arounds, to avoid seeing it almost daily.

Update for Windows XP (KB967715) Bug! Solution..

1. Manually download the KB from the Microsoft website, and install from safe mode. Hit F8 while you Boot or restart, log into "Safe Mode" and install the following KB -

2. When you are shown the Automatic Update from your tray, open it, remove the check box, and when it throws the "Reminder Dialog" select the check box that says "Dont remind me to Update..." and hit close button.

You shall not be tortured once again with the same darn update screen next morning!


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