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Wednesday, July 1

KB967715 BUG - I Repeatedly Get The Same Update

Microsoft Windows XP Automatic Update might someitmes stall at the KB967715 update screen repeteadly. This is a known bug, and there are a couple of work arounds, to avoid seeing it almost daily.

Update for Windows XP (KB967715) Bug! Solution..

1. Manually download the KB from the Microsoft website, and install from safe mode. Hit F8 while you Boot or restart, log into "Safe Mode" and install the following KB -

2. When you are shown the Automatic Update from your tray, open it, remove the check box, and when it throws the "Reminder Dialog" select the check box that says "Dont remind me to Update..." and hit close button.

You shall not be tortured once again with the same darn update screen next morning!

Monday, March 30

Google Notebook now with Clip Function

Years after Diigo showed us how it can be used as a great research tool, Google stable has rolled out the "CLIP" function to it's Online Notebook Application. You are expected to download a browser add-on/extension and it will add a toolbar add-on, and a shell extension [right click menu] to make life easier. You can either use the "clip" button or right click on the selected content and save it to your Google notebook application.

Checkout the following video to understand how it is used:

Saturday, March 14

The MP3 Player that shouts at you!

Apple's new "iPod Shuffle" is the world's first music player that talks to you, well it shouts out the track title and other ID3 data. Apple calls it's new entry as "jaw droppingly small" and they are serious about it. The player is just 1.8" x 0.3" thin so little that will fit in your keyring and just as big as your door key! beware don't insert it in your keyhole yet!

Is it convenient to use at this size? - YES is the big answer from the designers - +/- volume has dedicated buttons, and the rest of the selections happen by tapping, holding, holding and letting the center button go! Simple is it? yeah the design is very simple and yet innovative and there is no digital display like the usual digital players and it stands out of the crowd!

Flip Flip Flip:  yeah that is how you change how your playlists play! Random or Shuffled or in Order - flip it to the left it goes random, flip it to the center it goes in order, to the right it stops the shuffling!

Well as if this is not enough, Apple has made the casing in Anodized Aluminum, available in black and silver, it's durable, sturdy and fashionable - no doubt! There is a small silver steel clip that can attach the shuffle to under your collar, or sleeves or your back pack either! And oh yeah, forgot to mention the personal engraving of your name or your loved one's on the shuffle! - Damn that's a sweet thing from Apple!

Voice over in English and what if you are French? - The all new shuffle has 14 different languages it can speak! so you can listen to your Latin, or African or Chinese title in the voice over! Read more about it here.

Apple once again comes with some innovation that will leave us all jaw-dropping, this time only tinier but not the list of features! Go ahead and grab yours now!

Tuesday, March 3

Rentacoder shows it's racist face once more!

Rentacoder and the western "buyers" show their racist face once again. This time very evidently by introducing a feature called "Economy Filter" the RAC team has shown that it is Racist forgetting the fact that they sit on top of money earned from coders from Russia and India predominantly! The screenshot here how the filter works, a shocked coder sent me this screenshot, and explained how he was saddened by this kind of a racist behavior.

How this RAC feature works: Western "Buyers" [predominantly US and UK buyers] can choose not to use the service of coders from Russia and India. The sweet reason they have is to avoid non-native English speakers [how US calls itself native English speakers? is a funny thought], and to protect their data from growing economies it seems. Only time will answer how the US economy will take a plunge from where it stands now, and how Russia, China and India shall stand tall in the face of these so called mature Economies! Time will teach the lesson!

Saturday, February 28

Play DivX movies from Computer[PC] to TV Wireless

Watching your movies on TV will get better, and has got better today, you don't need to build a HTPC to watch your DivX movie or play your MP3. You have the facility in a neat package for a good price, so the need to build HTPCs have dropped and will be wiped in the coming days.

Media Streaming - Watch Movies from hard disk on TV

Be it your regular TV or the new age HD TV, you have simple easy to use gadgets that can make life easy. Wireless companies like D-Link [DPG1200 Medialounge] and Netgear have chick looking gadgets that look more like your DVD player sans the buttons on the face plate. The rear of these gadgets have enough of output facility to serve your Home Theater, be it music or video.

Netgear EVA 700 and EVA 800 are worth the money, they have two wireless antennas, support S-Video, Composite Digital coaxial S/PDIF audio port , Component Out[high definition up to 1080i], and the European/Australian standard SCART. More to this, they support the fast Ethernet port andUSB 2.0 por, with the USB on the Faceplate, you can watch movies or listen to MP3 from your thumb drive directly. One can connect a MP3 player or his PMP device using this USB port.

Support for media files such as:
  • MP3s up to 320 Kbps or variable bit rate (VBR)
  • WMA8 and WMA9 files up to 192Kbps or variable bit rate(VBR)
  • WMV up to 1080p (down-converted) Internet Radio (streaming MP3)
  • Video Formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, Xvid
  • Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, M3U, AAC
  • Photo Formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF
  • Playlist Formats: M3U, PLS

Saturday, May 31

It's Official - Google Favicon Changed

Is this a clue that Google Logo might change soon? Recently I have been noticing the Google Favicon changing and thought it might be either an official change or some malicious code playing a game. Then once when I made my mind to check it, I opened the link and made sure it was an official change. Here is the evidence, and you can check for yourself!

Wednesday, August 29

Hotz is Hot with a Deal!

Wikipedia has an article on him already, He has blood pumping in the Apple camp, there are news results in "Google News", CNN, BBC and Times. Who is this 17 year old New Jersey teen? What does he do? Why is he famous? - He Hacked the iPhone!

Hotz has traded his iPhone hack with CertiCell a Kentucy based Cell Phone repair company for a Nissan 350Z Speed Car and 3 80GB iPhones to be given away to his 3 online collaborators[ jpetrie, gray, and iProof] who worked with him for about 500 hours(8 hours a day) during the holidays.

George Francis Hotz (born October 2, 1989), alias geohot, is an American student best known for producing the world's first full hardware unlock of the Apple iPhone, allowing the phone to be used with other wireless carriers, not just AT&T as Apple intended.
Hotz dismissed his friends when they called him wasting his holidays, guess this is the reward he gets for toiling with Online collaborators to hack the iPhone - AT&T monopoly!

Hotz has been asked to do consulting work for Certicell and Puremobile, Hotz uses for blogging. His next project will be to make a GPS for the iPhone that uses Triangluation from the cell phone towers.


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