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Tuesday, March 3

Rentacoder shows it's racist face once more!

Rentacoder and the western "buyers" show their racist face once again. This time very evidently by introducing a feature called "Economy Filter" the RAC team has shown that it is Racist forgetting the fact that they sit on top of money earned from coders from Russia and India predominantly! The screenshot here how the filter works, a shocked coder sent me this screenshot, and explained how he was saddened by this kind of a racist behavior.

How this RAC feature works: Western "Buyers" [predominantly US and UK buyers] can choose not to use the service of coders from Russia and India. The sweet reason they have is to avoid non-native English speakers [how US calls itself native English speakers? is a funny thought], and to protect their data from growing economies it seems. Only time will answer how the US economy will take a plunge from where it stands now, and how Russia, China and India shall stand tall in the face of these so called mature Economies! Time will teach the lesson!


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