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Saturday, March 14

The MP3 Player that shouts at you!

Apple's new "iPod Shuffle" is the world's first music player that talks to you, well it shouts out the track title and other ID3 data. Apple calls it's new entry as "jaw droppingly small" and they are serious about it. The player is just 1.8" x 0.3" thin so little that will fit in your keyring and just as big as your door key! beware don't insert it in your keyhole yet!

Is it convenient to use at this size? - YES is the big answer from the designers - +/- volume has dedicated buttons, and the rest of the selections happen by tapping, holding, holding and letting the center button go! Simple is it? yeah the design is very simple and yet innovative and there is no digital display like the usual digital players and it stands out of the crowd!

Flip Flip Flip:  yeah that is how you change how your playlists play! Random or Shuffled or in Order - flip it to the left it goes random, flip it to the center it goes in order, to the right it stops the shuffling!

Well as if this is not enough, Apple has made the casing in Anodized Aluminum, available in black and silver, it's durable, sturdy and fashionable - no doubt! There is a small silver steel clip that can attach the shuffle to under your collar, or sleeves or your back pack either! And oh yeah, forgot to mention the personal engraving of your name or your loved one's on the shuffle! - Damn that's a sweet thing from Apple!

Voice over in English and what if you are French? - The all new shuffle has 14 different languages it can speak! so you can listen to your Latin, or African or Chinese title in the voice over! Read more about it here.

Apple once again comes with some innovation that will leave us all jaw-dropping, this time only tinier but not the list of features! Go ahead and grab yours now!


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